4 ways an Executive Coach Makes You More Money

You may think that a coach can help you work better, be more efficient, and make quicker strides forward in your career, but that’s not all a good coach can do. My clients are mainly women in tech and tech sales, and they have specific financial goals, too. Here are a few examples of how clients have used coaching to grow their income and bonuses:

Negotiate Better Salary (and bonuses!)

Brittany, a recent client, was ready to leave her job unless she got a raise and new role. Using the communication strategy we practiced, she happily negotiated a promotion, a $30,000 raise, and a sizable bonus (which covered her coaching investment).

A good coach will help you show up at your next salary meeting — or the big pitch to your boss — feeling confident and grounded, with the right energy to stand for your value and impact. 

Grow Your Network

A good coach will introduce you and point you towards people who can offer you opportunities and new business. For clients who want to write books, I can raise their profile to editors, agents, and publishers. And over six years of podcasting, I have grown a diverse network of experts in finance, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership, which my clients benefit from.

If growing your network is important to you, look for a coach who has a variety of warm relationships in different fields. When they introduce you to new people, you’re already vouched for and you’ll be a step further in the process of building your own business.

Raise Your Fees (and get them!)

Tabitha, a therapist, founder, and consultant on sexual and gender-based violence issues, came to us for help in launching her non-profit consulting business.

Through our coaching, she was able to outline her services and raise her starting consulting fee after seeing how much value her work could bring to clients. Tabitha began her new business with $72,500 in contracts during her first two months. 

Better Boundaries That Lead To Better Selling

One of the best benefits of working with a coach, according to my clients like Katherine, a Top 10 saleswoman in a globally recognized tech company, is creating and maintaining better boundaries. Expending less energy on that process helps these women to have more focus and clarity in the rest of their lives. With that energy and focus, they see better sales and a better attitude about deadlines.

Katherine’s home life was chaotic and noisy, causing her to feel distracted and unable to meet quarterly sales goals. We worked on boundaries at home, which had a big payoff at work. 

Small changes — like a meal delivery service, clearer shared chore responsibilities with her husband, and a dog walker — actually freed up her mental energy for work! She felt happier at home, and more focused on the ever-shifting list of sales calls she needed to handle every day.

Every leader finds themselves stuck at points along their career path. You don’t have to try to figure it out alone. In fact, a trusted coach will help you reconnect to your strengths, grow them, and help you make more money as you live into your potential. 


Alexandra Jamieson

Co-Founder of The Alignment Company

PS: Over the years I’ve been in a lot of visible leadership positions, including as a kind of well-being and personal development spokesperson, because of my film Super Size Me, and books like Radical Alignment and Women, Food, and Desire. 

The pressure and scrutiny was intense. Almost unbearable at times. These days, I use my health coaching experience, artist practices, and positive psychology training to help emerging women leaders, entrepreneurs, public figures, and philanthropists.

If you think some conversation with me might possibly be helpful, you should reach out. People come to me for all sorts of reasons including: 

  • how to navigate challenges, 
  • make big decisions, 
  • surface values, 
  • get unstuck, 
  • feel less isolated, 
  • find meaning, and 
  • improve work and family relationships.

I also run groups. They are particularly good for people who want to learn more about themselves and others, for people who want to be better leaders by increasing their emotional intelligence and ability to communicate clearly and listen fully.

If you’re curious, don’t be shy. Reach out. We will just talk. And I’m fun and nice to talk to. I promise.

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