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About Us

On the surface each of us had it all. 

Alex was a successful and well-respected coach who had co-created an Oscar-nominated film. Bob had travelled the world, led design at a major newspaper and designed digital properties for several well-known brands. But we were both often dissatisfied and unhappy — feeling out of step with the people in our lives 

We had experienced difficulty in both our intimate partnerships and on our professional teams. We wanted more but, individually, didn’t know what to do about it. Then we met each other.

A decade ago we committed to building a satisfying home life, creating rewarding careers, and making a positive impact on the world — together. Through dedication, conversation and experimentation we slowly discovered that a few simple tools, thoughtfully applied, could make an enormous impact on the quality of our relationships — and therefore on the quality of our lives and work. 

Over the past several years we’ve developed a set of capabilities and tools that help create empathic and trusting relationships at work and at home. We call this work Radical Alignment — a proven method for more effective communication and collaborative cultures. 

We want to share this vital work so you too can build better relationships and teams. 

About Alex

Alexandra Jamieson is a success mentor, life, and health coach to creative, professional women who want it all. She is the best-selling author of Women, Food & Desire, co-creator and co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, and highly-sought-after wellness expert. Find out more about Alex at

About Bob

Bob Gower helps organizations move faster, create better products, and become happier, more engaging places to work. He is an authority on agile software development, lean theory, and responsive organizational design, and has advised leaders at numerous companies—including GE, Ford, Chanel, PG&E, and Spotify—in creating more effective organizations. He is the author of Agile Business: A Leader’s Guide to Harnessing Complexity and speaks regularly on organizational development and leadership. Find out more about Bob at

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