How An Executive Coach Saves You Time

If I’d talked with someone who’d walked this path before me, I wouldn’t have wasted time going down so many dead ends.

A good coach can help you to:

  • better understand the self-defeating habits you’re frustrated by and stuck in,
  • understand your motivations, 
  • define and achieve your goals and 
  • offer advice based on years of working with clients (and her own coaches!)
  • AND avoid time-wasting activities that suck your motivation.

In a recent session with a product manager for a well-known technology platform, my client told me she’d been booking meetings with headhunters from other companies.

“I’ve had so many meetings in the last two weeks – I’m kind of exhausted!”

It felt good that so many companies were interested in her skillset, but she was running out of energy talking about positions she wasn’t ultimately interested in.

As we dug deeper, I asked her more questions about what she wanted to spend her time doing, who she wanted to work with, and what kind of product she dreamt about bringing to the world.

It dawned on her:

“I don’t even want the position I’ve been applying for! I need to completely redefine what kind of work I want next. I’ve been wasting so much time on meetings because it fed my ego that they wanted to talk with me.”

We got down to work and she got clear about her next dream role. And, she canceled the next five meetings on her calendar, freeing up precious time in her week, and space in her mind.

Working with an executive coach can help you get crystal clear about your appropriate next step, saving time, effort, and ending stressful overwhelm.

As you work together, a good coach will spot the patterns and habits that get in your way and slow you down. When you have more energy and space to think and create, you get back into aligned action, that flow-state where your efforts feel engaging, worthwhile, and enjoyable, even while challenging.

An executive coach should help you understand yourself, and guide you to your best next steps, which ultimately move you towards your goals faster than you could on your own.

Would you like to have an experienced guide help you do the same thing for your career?

Over the years I’ve been in a lot of visible leadership positions, including as a kind of well-being and personal development spokesperson, because of my film Super Size Me, and books like Radical Alignment and Women, Food, and Desire. 

The pressure and scrutiny was intense. Almost unbearable at times. These days, I use my health coaching experience, artist practices, and positive psychology training to help emerging women leaders, entrepreneurs, public figures, and philanthropists.

If you think some conversation with me might possibly be helpful, you should reach out here. People come to me for all sorts of reasons including: 

  • how to navigate challenges, 
  • make big decisions, 
  • surface values, 
  • get unstuck, 
  • feel less isolated, 
  • find meaning, and 
  • improve work and family relationships.

I also run groups. They are particularly good for people who want to learn more about themselves and others, for people who want to be better leaders by increasing their emotional intelligence and ability to communicate clearly and listen fully.

If you’re curious, don’t be shy. We will just talk. And I’m fun and nice to talk to. I promise.

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