How I “AIM” Myself

Is there something you need to make a decision about?

Maybe you want to:

  • Get clear about how you feel before having a big talk with someone
  • Choose a next goal for your career path
  • Figure out which book you’re going to write
  • Decide which path to take in your relationship journey
  • Create a special invitation to people you know about a social justice issue you care about deeply…

Or some other topic or challenge you’ve been stuck around for too long.

No matter what issue or idea you want to move forward with – huge or tiny – here’s how we have major breakthroughs and get into action: 

Use the All-In Method by yourself.

In our book Radical Alignment, we show you how we’ve used the AIM together and with teams of people to make group decisions, but we also use it by ourselves all the time.

In fact, I AIM myself almost daily 😉

Using the 4-step AIM to get clear helps you:

  • Stop hiding, and stop feeling ashamed for avoiding a tough topic
  • Save energy and mental capacity, because this simple process helps you get clear
  • Get unstuck, and get into action in a way that is totally aligned with your values
  • Feel confident, and stop feeling so frustrated all the time

The All-In Method Process

Set a timer for 20-minutes and sit down with the following prompts to journal your thoughts. 

Start at the top of the page with:

I want to get clear about ____ so I can ____.

What are my intentions?

  • Why do you want to be a part of this project, do this thing, be in this relationship? What’s your WHY? 
  • How can this project/accomplishment/relationship support your personal goals? 
  • What values of yours led you to get involved? 

What are my concerns?

  • What worries you about this relationship, idea, project, plan, etc.? 
  • What do you think will get in your way? 
  • Where will you run into trouble? 

What are my boundaries?

  • What do you need to be at your personal best? 
  • What will keep you from overreaching or burning out? 
  • What will help you feel safe?

What are my dreams?

  • If this were to go amazingly well, how will I feel? 
  • What will be true for me, for the other people involved, and for us as a team or community?


Write out 1-5 possible actions you can take next, based on what you wrote.

You’ll find that you have:

  • More clarity about how you feel, and what you need. And how to express it to others more succinctly. 
  • Better relationships with less tension
  • Clearer decision making with less ruminating and lost energy
  • Better boundaries, and more confidence in stating them
  • A deeper sense of confidence because you are making decisions based on your values.

Get a free copy of Radical Alignment on Audible here:

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Recently, Britni shared how she uses the All-In Method to help her money coaching clients talk about finances: 

This is the magic of a clarifying conversation.

We do better, feel better, and connect better with those who matter most in our lives.


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