Knowing Your Values Makes Tough Conversations Easier

We tell you to start important conversations with your Intentions.

What are intentions? Think of them as your purpose, hopes, or motives for the topic at hand.

All of that is driven by your values.

Values are what you believe matter most in life. We all have different values, and some common values are love, creativity, family, authenticity, and respect.

When you know your values, choices get easier, and your next steps become clear.  

When I first went through the process to define my core values, it was like a ray of light beamed down: I could see aspects of myself that I knew were important, and it connected me to a deep self-acceptance.

There are great benefits of knowing your values:

  • a connection to self-respect
  • they help you get clear about what you want
  • clarity in making decisions
  • your values help you define boundaries (step 3 in the All-In Method)
  • they help you stay focused and motivated
  • when you live by your values, it helps you feel valuable, which can be a great source of confidence when it comes to negotiations, pricing your work, and more.

Before you have your next All-In Method conversation, take 5 minutes to clarify your values, especially as they relate to the topic at hand.

Take the free Values Quiz from Alex here:

Or, take the Values in Action VIA Survey here:

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