Mid Life Success Stories: End Imposter Syndrome at any age

Life doesn’t end at 30, no matter what your younger self believed. As a way to end imposter syndrome at any age, we need to see stories of middle age success regularly!

It’s so harmful to believe the story that we have to be a big success by the time we’re 40 or we’re failures.

We live in this cult of youth that discounts the wisdom, beauty, and experience that age brings.

WORSE: it makes us middle-aged mamas (and papas) lose faith in ourselves, stop following our dreams, and quiet our own fierce voices.

When you know your core values, knowing your innate value, and reconnecting with your confidence is easy. Get your Unveil Your Values guide here:

As an antidote to the false story that once you cross a certain arbitrary age you’re “past your prime,” here are some amazing stories inspired by this viral tweet that went out a couple of while back:

Here’s just a couple of stories I loved from the thousands of comments people shared on Twitter:

AND, here are stories shared from a few womxn in my Her Rules Radio Crew Facebook group from ya’ll! I love my community, because they’re so dedicated to lifting each other out of Imposter Syndrome:

AND, here are a couple of success stories from my own beloved Creatrix Clients that are sure to inspire you!

Heather Hudak just published her first book at aged 50!

Michele, who came to NYC for a retreat with me, fell in love with the Embody Dance class we had and reconnected with her love of ballet. She found a private teacher, and performed a solo recital for her 60th birthday – dancing en pointe! (which is a huge accomplishment at any age!)

Ready to get inspired and shake off the “too old,” or “it’s too late” vibes?

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Alexandra Jamieson

It’s time to wipe away the Imposter Syndrome caused by the “Middle Aged” rhetoric we creative, achievement-oriented women hear too often. Listen to Ep: 220: “Imposter Syndrome” on Her Rules Radio:

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