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It’s Time to Align Your Team

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve had multiple meetings on a project, but made zero decisions.
  • Your communication channels aren’t lining up.
  • Your deadlines keep getting pushed back.
  • You can’t seem to stop micromanaging your team.

If so, you probably know that something is out of alignment, but you can’t put your finger on what. Is it your organization’s culture that’s holding you back? Or are your operations lacking?

The truth is, it’s probably a bit of both. And that’s where we come in.

The Alignment Company helps you develop a culture of high-performance by:

  • Creating understanding via high-context relationships
  • Developing efficient and clear processes
  • Innovating through productive conflict
  • Charting a path for continuous improvement
  • Learning to be a more empathetic leader

Schedule a call with us so we can help you better understand your team and design a path forward.

In some cases, a call is all it takes to unblock an alignment issue with a team. If not, effective leaders benefit by booking an Alignment Session with one of our experts.

Booking an Alignment Session

An Alignment Session consists of 3 interconnected elements:

  1. Team Charter – A one-time, facilitated process to help you clarify  your team’s mission, roles, accountabilities, working agreements, and behavioral norms.
  2. Retrospective – A regular (generally monthly) deep review of the Team Charter in order to reflect, realign, and continuously improve.
  3. Coordination – Frequent (generally weekly) meetings designed to keep everyone focused and aligned in the short term.

Our Alignment Sessions are appropriate for any kind of team, however they will have the most impact on your organization when used on Sales, Leadership, or Product Development teams. Schedule a call today.

Want to go deeper?

We also offer:

  • Individual Executive Coaching – If you aren’t focused, your team can’t be either. Aligning your team starts with aligning with yourself. 
  • Embedded Team Development – Intensive, temporary support and guidance for your organization facilitated through whole-team coaching.

Ready to Get Aligned?

A more efficient team is within reach. Find out what’s holding yours back and how to pave a path forward. Request a call today!