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Better Teams for Better Organizations

One small change at liftoff makes the difference between a rocket landing on the moon or flying into the sun. 
In the same way seemingly small team behaviors will create massive impact over time. 
We help you create the habits that lead to an aligned and high-performing team through our:

Alignment Sessions

Indecision and misalignment are not only frustrating and wasteful; in times of increased volatility and uncertainty they can be fatal to your mission. The best teams are able to discuss even the most inflammatory topics without blowing up, or worse, being artificially nice.

We help you create team psychological safety and operational excellence so your most important teams develop a culture of high-performance. Our Alignment Sessions are appropriate for any team, however they tend to have the most impact on your organization when used on:

LEADERSHIP TEAMS: We help you improve leadership teamwork, which has an immediate, positive impact on your organization. We work with: boards, executive teams and teams responsible for a division, function, or product line.

SALES TEAMS: Successful sales teams support each other, especially when the sales cycle is long and complex. We will turn your team meetings into pivotal events that deepen enthusiasm, collaboration,  and commitment.

We customize each session for your particular circumstances but the goal is always to help your team perform at its best by increasing trust, empathy and operational alignment. Sessions include one or more of the following:

  • All-In Method: A facilitated conversation about your shared intentions, concerns, boundaries and dreams.
  • Team Chartering: Create clarity around your team’s mission, roles, accountabilities, working agreements and behavioral norms.
  • Strategic Planning: A structured process to define your priorities for the coming quarter or year.
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs): A collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results.
  • Retrospectives: A look back on a project or time period and decision making around team improvements moving forward.
  • Decision Making: Have productive disagreements around difficult and confusing issues so you can reach true alignment and take decisive shared action.

Alignment Sessions typically run from 90 minutes to a full day in length (depending on the size of your team and the issues you face) and are suitable for team sizes of 2 to 150 people. 

Individual Executive Coaching

If you aren’t focused, your team can’t be either. This means that aligning your team starts with aligning with yourself. Our individualized coaching programs will help you: 

  • Overcome personal blocks 
  • Develop the skills and tools needed to lead in a volatile world
  • Stay focused even through the most chaotic circumstances 
  • Face and make difficult but necessary decisions
  • Create your own unique leadership style 

We typically work with leaders from non-traditional backgrounds who question “business as usual” and traditional models of leadership — individuals who want trust, empathy and collaboration at the center of their organization’s culture.

Team Coaching

Our whole-team coaching program will help your team become truly high-performing. Each program is customized to your particular needs and include a combination of: 

  • Team Diagnostic: Through interviews and surveys of team members and stakeholders, we help you assess the performance of your team in terms of: strategy, operations and culture. 
  • Team Chartering: Create clarity around your team’s mission, roles, accountabilities, working agreements and behavioral norms.  
  • Ongoing Facilitation: We facilitate your key meetings including: strategic planning, coordination, retrospectives, OKRs and decision-making. 
  • Facilitation Training: We help each team member develop this key skill for use with all of their teams. 
  • Individual Executive Coaching: One-to-one support for each team member.

Our team coaching programs typically run from thee to nine months and are most appropriate for leadership teams (executive teams and teams responsible for a division, function, or product line) of no more than 15 people.

Due to COVID-19 all services are currently available remote-only.
We also offer training programs in our methodologies so your team can develop capability in leading tough conversations.
Contact us for details.

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