She Used AIM to Get a $30K Raise!

Today we want to share a real success story about a woman who used the All-In Method to pitch and negotiate a promotion, bonus, and thirty-thousand dollar raise.

Brittany was working full-time as a community and program manager for an business training service, but wasn’t feeling “all in.” She knew her salary wasn’t as high as others at her level, and she was still spending weekends on her health coaching business to try and earn money and feel fulfilled.

She used the All-In Method by herself to get clear about what she wanted to propose to her boss, thinking that even if she wasn’t successful at least she could say she tried, and move on.

Brittany knew her most important personal values, which helped her focus on what she offered and gave her courage and clarity in approaching her boss for a conversation about her role and salary.

When she spoke with her boss, she steered the conversation using the All-In Method again to help her feel focused, clear, and to make sure the conversation covered the important points.

She presented her values, intentions for an expanded role, concerns about how they had been working together, boundaries about duties she wanted to own and obligations she wanted to delegate, and finally ended on dreams.

This is still the most magical step to end any All-In Method conversation with: Brittany shared her dreams for herself in the company, for how her boss would feel proud and successful, and how their customers would feel and return again and again because the team was working so well together.

It worked.

Brittany got the promotion as the head of operations, a big year-end bonus, and a thirty-thousand dollar raise.

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