Why multi-talented women get stuck

You’re multi-talented, good at almost everything you’ve tried, and are stuck – you’re afraid you’ll pick the “wrong” path, but itching to create that next level of success for yourself.

I call the womxn I work with:

  • Multi-hyphenates: artist-writer-coach-yoga teacher-podcaster-jewelry designer-tech sales maven… you get the picture.
  • Renaissance womxn: good at almost everything she’s ever tried
  • Life-Long Learners: always expanding knowledge and growing skills

So if this sounds like you, welcome to my club of thousands!

From tech sales mavens to the PhDs, MDs, to the rising CEO and coach-chef with an illustration side hustle, we Creatrixes are everywhere.

But we get stuck in the “what next” phase.

We crave a simple path forward, but get irritated when we try to shoe-horn our miriad skills and methods into a 3-step process and package it like everyone else.

We are not everyone else.

You are here to contribute and serve in a way that only you can.

Using your unique menu of experience, talents, and tools.

I’m here to tell you that as a multi-hyphenate Creatrix myself, I know how you want to feel free to be unique and flexible while creating something stable.

I know, because that’s me, too.

I’ve built a career that has morphed over time from health coaching to business and career coaching, through podcastingpublishing, speaking, and watercolor painting

There is a path that is uniquely yours where you can contribute all of your talents, and continue to grow in a way that aligns with your values.

Let’s map that path together.

Let me know what your talents, skills, and mutli-faceted vision is now, so we can talk about how to use it all in a unique style that feels successful and free for you.

I’ve got spots open for 1:1 complimentary coaching + clarity sessions now. Share with me what’s up for you here, and I’ll be in touch shortly:

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